In memoriam to the victims of last Friday’s shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, we have decided to not put any articles about hospitality, tourism or events on the magazine this week.

The news of the terror that unfolded in Christchurch resonated with all of us at the magazine as we grew up in the garden city. A peaceful city where the only violence when we were growing up, was the odd pub fight on a Saturday night and Sunday was a day of rest when the shops didn’t open and there was no such thing as a Westfield mall.
What happened last Friday 15th of March is not the Christchurch we remember. There was never any fear of terrorism or prejudice.
But, it only takes one to change the scope of a city.

As we look back this week, now living in Australia, we also feel that this should not be a reflection on Australians. Every country has a small few who hate. Hopefully, it is not something that is common, but it is always there. How we react to it, deal with it and remove it from society is up to us collectively.

Christchurch is a beautiful city and always will be. Australia has beautiful people and it too will always have.

Let us always remember those that have gone and push for the removal of violence and intolerance in our society that remains.

Kia Kaha (stay strong)

Lisa, Bronwyn and Damien


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